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A 17th century oil painting on canvas of Marten Ryckaert, after Anthony Van Dyck. [Size 76x63cm]
Comes with original 17th century moulded and gilt frame 110x96cm
(This painting appears to be a variation on the Ryckaert portrait. The approach of painting numerous copies/collaborative working, was a feature of Van Dyck's working practice and was common in the Flemish art world at that time.

The canvas and back panel support, both appear to be from the 17th Century.
The painting has multiple layers of varnish that is cracked and pitted in places, this fragments the light. This, combined with the years of dirt on the surface, makes it quite impossible to see if there is any signature. Furthermore the vibrancy of colour's and depth of the painters work is diminished. The brush strokes are long and blended with a rough bold look. On the back of the canvas it states: attributed Anthony Van Dyck. [Size 76x63cm]

The Portrait of Martin Ryckaert has long been considered one of the finest oil sketches that Van Dyck made for the Iconography, the ambitious series of portrait prints designed by him in the early 1630s. Although individual portraits were in circulation by 1632, the complete edition of 80 engravings by various printmakers was only published in 1645, four years after Van Dyck’s death. Over the course of the years, Van Dyck’s conception of the series seems to have evolved, and so, too, have scholars’ understanding of his intention and working methods. As a result, the preliminary studies for the prints are in the process of being re-examined and some have been reattributed.
The attribution of the tonal models, whether to Van Dyck or his studio, has long been debated. In some cases, there is more than one version, and it has been difficult to distinguish which is the prototype. The largest single group of works is the 39 grisailles.


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